Weekend Review | Concentration

Trade Anatomy Portfolio

+4.10% MTD | +38.70 YTD

Position Summary

6 long | 4 buys | 0 sells

Watchlist Summary

19 candidates



As traders, we find ourselves on the continual hunt for new positions to add to our portfolio.  Sometimes, this activity can be done to a fault, a point at which our trading becomes so diluted that little is added to our bottom line when we do have a big winner.  At present our stock screens are staying fairly modest and when this happens we concentrate our efforts on what we own rather than what we don't.  Searching for greener  grass is a natural habit of human nature, always wondering if it's just a little better on the other side.  But, many times, the greenest grass is below your feet.  

Trading Summary

This last week saw 4 transactions for the Trade Anatomy portfolio, 3 of which were add-ons to our current long positions.  MITK was the new position added.  On 11/17, MITK was added to the portfolio at 4.49 with an initial stop at 3.82, risking a .50% of our portfolio value.  Total position size was 3.35%. On the 18th, ZIXI and MXL, each  had an additional 1.50% allocated towards their positions, bringing each position to 5.58% and 6.85%.  ZIXI was added at 5.30 and MXL was added at 16.50.  On Friday, an additional 2% was added to RTEC at 14.67, bringing the total position size to 8.39%.  All charts are below with the position summary.

Position Summary

All six of our current long positions continue to maintain healthy trends.  As the trends progress, our trailing stops are moving higher.  Some are now above their initial entry prices, while others have moved enough to lower our losses if stopped out. 

Watchlist Summary

During this last week, the majority of our time was spent on current holdings.  The watchlist still has several candidates that we are observing for entry opportunities.  Below is a sample of names on the list.  You can click to enlarge.

Safe travels to everyone this next week, and we'll talk to you soon.

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