Weekend Update and Review

Trade Anatomy Performance

 + 1.95% MTD | +15.6% YTD 

The portfolio is +12.5% vs the S&P Index.

Portfolio Summary 

8 positions | 2 buys | 0 sells | 47% Invested

Watchlist Summary

16 total | 5 additions | 0 deletions

             Current Allocation 


This week the S&P 500 hit an all time high and along with that came a few new setups for the watchlist and one new position for the portfolio.  The current environment is rewarding those who can find sound setups to trade.  Staying with our trends and position sizing correctly is allowing us to stay the course with all the constant chatter of rate hikes, employment #'s, and market predictions that abound.  

We try to stay clear of the news and opinions because at the end of the day our price trends are all that matter.  It might seem boring and not have much entertainment value, but it sure helps make us money, which is why we trade in the first place.  

When a trades moves against us or our trailing stop is hit we get out.  There's no questioning why because it simply is what it is, and we move on to our next opportunity.  When there are no new opportunities, we hold cash.  The trend following system in which we deploy is dependent upon certain setups.  These setups evidence themselves most often when the general market is trending higher.  By focusing on price we are able to rely on what is actually taking place and not on what might happen.  

Position Highlights

The IPHI trade was initiated on 4/29/15 at 20.41 with a .55 risk% of our total portfolio value.  Initial stop was set at 18.40 which allowed us to allocate 5.60% of our portfolio towards this trade.   

The TNP trade was initiated on 3/24/15 at 8.03 with a .50 risk% of our total portfolio value.  Initial stop was set at 7.43 which allowed us to allocate 6.65% of our portfolio towards this trade.  

Current Watchlist Highlights





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