Weekend Update and Review

Trade Anatomy Performance

 + 4.14% MTD | +18.1 % YTD 

Portfolio Summary 

15 positions | 7 buys | 0 sells | 85% Invested

Watchlist Summary

19 total | 3 additions | 1 deletion

Portfolio Allocation


This week we added 7 new positions to the portfolio and are now 85% invested.  Last week we were up 1.95% for the month and added an extra 2.19% this week to bring our month-to-date total up to +4.14% and year-to-date number up to +18.1%.  The watchlist is now sitting at 19 positions with 3 additions and 1 deletion this week. RUBI was removed from the watchlist for now, but if the technical pattern becomes more constructive we'll place it back on the list. From a position's standpoint, we continue to see further follow through with strong trend continuation in several of our stocks.  As the trends strengthen in these stocks our stops are able to ratchet higher and protect more of our profits.  

Position Highlights

The SYNA trade was initiated on 4/09/15 at 85.06 risking .40% of our total portfolio value. Its initial stop was set at 80.19 which allowed us to allocate 6.80% of our portfolio towards this trade. Price action on Friday continued to push SYNA to new highs and move our trailing stop near 88.  We're currently up about 13.39% from our entry price.  

The TNP trade was initiated on 3/24/15 at 8.03 risking .50% of our total portfolio value.  Initial stop was set at 7.43 which allowed us to allocate 6.65% of our portfolio towards this trade.   We're currently up around 24% to date on this trade.  On Friday TNP reported earnings which caused a little more movement then usual, but still didn't trade anywhere near our current trailing stop of 8.55.

The OLED trade was initiated on 3/05/15 at 37.68 risking .45% of our total portfolio value.  Initial stop was set at 34.65 which allowed us to allocate 5.65% of our portfolio towards this trade.   We're currently up around 42% to date on this trade.  You'll notice on this particular chart the "white bars" are starting to appear.  The white bars appear when certain price conditions become true.  These conditions generally occur during the initial first weeks of a new break out and towards the end of a stock run.  It wouldn't be surprising to see OLED begin to consolidate part of the run up that's been on going since Jan/Feb.

GTN trade was initiated this week on 5/20/15 at 14.42 risking .50% of our total portfolio value.  Initial stop was set at 12.99 which allowed us to allocate just over 5% of our portfolio towards this trade.   GTN has moved out of the gate quickly in the first 3 days and is up roughly 7% since we took the trade.

HABT was also initiated this week on 5/21/15 at 38.76 risking .50% of our total portfolio value.  Initial stop was set at 34.79 which allowed us to allocate just under 5% of our portfolio towards this trade.   As you can see by the chart, HABT has moved down since it's purchase and is nearing the lower part of a small base.  Although HABT is down around -6.5% since being purchased, it is still $1.5 or so from reaching its stop.  Here is a great example of why proper position sizing and adhering to our rules is vital to trading success.  With every trade that is placed, we know how much to risk, when to exit, and to always allow price to tell the story.  By looking at the above chart, one could easily draw a premature conclusion that this stock will fail and move to exit the trade.  This type of behavioral practice will also create premature sells in stocks that go on to become big winners.  To achieve superior results we must trust the process and that is exactly what we will do with this trade. 

Watchlist Highlights





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