Weekend Update and Review

Portfolio Allocation

Trade Anatomy Performance

 + 4.02% MTD | +24.53 % YTD 

Portfolio Summary 

15 positions | 0 buys | 2 sells | 91% Invested

Watchlist Tracking & Summary

21 total | 6 additions | 2 deletions                        4 tracking  |  0 closed


Despite the overall markets staying flat to negative for the week, we were able to see a modest move higher in the Trade Anatomy Portfolio.  SUPN  had a nice move on Friday, closing up over 11% for the day.  ORBK also continued to trend higher on Friday with the majority of our positions staying positive for the week.  We removed 2 stocks this week and lowered our invested position to 91%.  We continue to see our portfolio positions as well as stocks from the watchlist develop constructive weekly charts.  

Portfolio Summary

As mentioned above SUPN was the big winner for us on Friday with ORBK next in line.  The 2 stocks which were removed were ON & OLED.  ON had attempted to break out a few weeks ago but has reversed back into the bottom half of its base.  Currently we have several trade candidates setting up constructive charts which is why the decision to remove ON was made. OLED has been an exceptional stock for us since early March, but appears ready to rest for a short while before a possible continuation higher. 

SUPN was added to the portfolio on 5/19/15 at $13.31 a share.  On 5/29/15, SUPN moved out of current consolidation and has been trending higher ever since.  As of the close on Friday, SUPN is now up 36% since the trade was placed.  When you look at the chart of SUPN, you'll notice the white bars.  These generally happen when a stock moves out of a pricing pattern, about to consolidate, or is near tops.  In this case, it appears that SUPN could possibly trend for awhile.

ON was purchased on 5/28/15 and removed from the portfolio on 6/12/05.  The trade was initiated at 13.03 and removed at 12.32 for -3.29% loss.  The total effect on our portfolio was a -.18%.  As you can see from the chart above ON tried to move above the upper dashed line, but soon reversed and is now sitting under the lower dashed line.  We opted to remove ON from the portfolio and will continue to monitor the stock to see if it resets the pattern.

OLED was purchased on 3/5/15 at 37.68 and removed on 6/12/15 at 54.07.  During this time the stock appreciated 43.50% and added 2.46% to our bottom line.  OLED was removed from the portfolio based on recent price action which we generally see in stocks looking to consolidate or correct.  Here again you can see the white bars near the top which we use in making our trading decisions.  

Watchlist Summary

This last week was our first week using the watchlist to send trade ideas without them actually being added to the portfolio.  The reason being was our portfolio was 100% invested and they were viable trades.  We issued 4 last week and will track and send updates if they move below their initial stops.  If we are fortunate to have them pick up steam then our trailing stop (blue line) will be used to exit the trades.  Below are a few which we continue to watch.





To get complete analysis and commentary on current signals and the watchlist, including all entry/exit signals.

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