Month End Performance & Review

Portfolio Allocation

Trade Anatomy Performance

 + 5.56% MTD | +19.72 % YTD 

Portfolio Summary 

15 positions | 9 buys | 0 sells | 88% Invested

Watchlist Summary

19 total | 0 additions | 0 deletion



For the month of May the Trade Anatomy portfolio was up 5.56% and is currently up 19.72% YTD with 88% of our capital allocated to stocks. Several new positions were initiated this month with many coming from the biotech/medical and technology space.  The majority of our positions continued to trend strongly while the market indexes remain somewhat trendless.  By focusing our attention on the trading process and not listening to outside distractions, we have been able to uncover several new and promising trade setups.  Many of these setups are moving out of or still forming large weekly chart bases that have characteristics similar to historical "fat tail" trades which is why we initiated the trades.  Not all of them will work, but we only need one or two to trend well to add a healthy amount to the bottom line.  Normally I would post charts for the month end summary but instead I'm posting the current open positions tab.

Position Summary   


You will notice from the list above that a few stocks are near or above 20% gains already.  This is a direct result of the process used to discover and  trade these particular setups.  A process that has evolved over the course of 15 years with a singular goal to find big winning trades and ride their trends.  You can find out more about me and my process - HERE.  

I also want to point out the biggest loser from the group, HABT.   The current stop is set at around 34.88 so a daily price close below this would trigger an exit on the next day.  The price reaction of HABT since purchasing has been negative relative to our entry from the beginning which can and will happen.  The key point to remember is that risk management and position sizing principles are always in place for every trade.  These rules protect our core capital and allow us to make the next trade if we lose on this one.   


I've included a download of the most recent watchlist.  You can import it into the trading software of your choice for further analysis.  The key point in letting you have the list is for you to study the technical aspects that make all of them similar.  When you've developed a sound risk/reward trading system, your chart setups will no longer be random but will have a cohesive theme running through them.  Study the setups from a weekly or monthly view first, then look a the daily charts to formulate your entries.   By looking at the charts from a longer term perspective you'll begin to see a true picture of the stock's setup and potential.  

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