Month End Performance & Weekend Review

Portfolio Allocation

Trade Anatomy Performance

+ 2.03% MTD | +22.14 % YTD 

Portfolio Summary 

11 positions | 1 buy | 4 sells | 61% Invested

Watchlist Summary

9 total | 1 addition | 10 deletions



For the month of June the Trade Anatomy portfolio was up 2.03%.  We are also up 22.14% for the year with 61% of our capital allocated to stocks.   The month of June was another trendless endeavor for most indexes.  In mid-June it looked as though we were ready to push higher with the indexes as the small cap index was leading the way.  Instead we had a round trip and not many souvenirs to hand out once we returned.  I've included our current open positions tab as of the end of June. You'll notice that several positions have been removed from the portfolio, and you can see all closed trades here.