Weekend Review and Update

Portfolio Allocation

Trade Anatomy Performance

.37% MTD | 26.83% YTD

Position Summary

7 long | 3 buys | 5 sells | 38% Invested

Watchlist Summary

20 candidates



The week started off in normal fashion, but ended with the portfolio rotating away from several of our biotech stocks into a home builder and a couple of technology related equities.  The market continues the same old song and dance which is why we continue to stay focused on finding the best trading opportunities available.  

Position Summary and Trade Ideas

During the week we had 5 sells from the portfolio.  We removed ANIP (-11.09%), GTN (+5.04%), SUPN (+45.83%), OSIR (+12.77%), and FLML (+20.72).  

FLML was our latest sell which occurred on Friday because it closed below the trailing blue line on Thursday.  The trade was initiated on 5/19/2015 and sold during the opening hour on 8/7/2015 at 21.38.  It generated a 20.72% profit and had a net effect of 1.58% to our total portfolio value.

Our current longs are LXFT, ASC, XON, FLTX, EFOI, LGIH, and AAOI.  This last week we added EFOI,  LGIH, and AAOI which were breakouts from the watchlist.  On 8/5/2015 we added EFOI at 11.18 and used 6.14% of our capital.  When the trade was initiated EFOI was already up over 18% for the day.  Although it was up double digits when it was added to the portfolio, EFOI had not yet cleared it's previous top from a few weeks prior.  Because this hadn't occurred, taking the trade was an easier decision then if it had been up 18% over it's previous high. Below are the charts for review with purple arrows marking entries. 

Watchlist Summary

Below are seven charts from the watchlist.  These seven are just a few of the setups that are near a breakout or have  just moved out recently.  This coming week, I will create a post which will detail what characteristics that I've found are key when building a quality group of stocks to follow and eventually trade.

Want greater trade insight and timely trade ideas?

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