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When putting the Weekend Review together, I want to make sure to discuss topics beyond the ups and downs of the general markets.  It's important to have a feel for overall markets and trading environment being produced, but if someone's general trading routine has holes in it then it doesn't matter the direction the market is moving because they're likely to produce inconsistent results .  Good traders have a personal routine that come rain or shine is executed throughout the day and week. Your routine should enhance your ability to be a successful trader.

For example, each morning my trading routine starts with running my Main and Secondary screens. As I scan charts for weekly setups, I write any stocks I find of interest that morning in a spiral notebook along with the date.   I've been doing the same routine for 16 years now for two reasons.  

  • The first is to be able to go back over a two or three week period and see just how many times I write the same stock symbol down.  If a stock symbol is being marked down multiple times then it confirms its importance for being on the watchlist.  
  • The second reason is to be able to go back and review breakouts.  Every 6 months, I will run   scans to see which stocks have performed the best over the past 12 months.  When I review this list, I'm also able to check to see if and when they were possibly appearing on the screened lists and then on my watchlist.  If for some reason I'm not seeing a reasonable amount of those winners funneling through then changes can be made.  This a simple step to make sure I'm staying on track and more importantly that my routine will be fruitful.

Screening and scanning technical setups is only one part of a daily routine, but it's critical for reaching the desired outcome in the overall trading process.  Take the time to look over your routine.  Are you consistently executing the same routine each day or is it random in nature?

Portfolio Summary

This week five new positions were added to the portfolio.  The majority were allocations towards ETFs with only one stock being added.  In total, roughly 77% of portfolio capital has been allocated. The majority of the positions continue to hold modest gains with a few exceptions.  The next couple of weeks could be good testing ground to see who stays and who goes.   


Gold related investments continue to trend higher after taking a few weeks to consolidate gains from earlier in the year.  Investment options range from GLD, GDX, GDXJ, and of course individual stocks.  A few symbols that were mentioned in February are SA, PAAS, NEM, AEM, GOLD, NG, AU, ABX, RIC, and SBGL.  Below are charts for GLD, GDX, GDXJ which you can click to enlarge. 

Watchlist Summary

The Main Screen and Secondary Screen continue to drag slightly.  With each market bounce the lists are populating less and less which naturally as a trader you prefer not have happen.  The watchlist is still hovering around 23 names with many of them waiting patiently to make a move up or down.  

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