Trade Anatomy Indicators  

Trend Following System

TA indicators are a set of tools that help to identify trends, take an initial position, stay with it, and then know when to sell based on your trading time frame. When trading stocks, you can focus on finding trends and executing your trades using the four key components.

  • Entry indicator determines your initial stop to help calculate position size. 
  • Alerts indicator highlights key price points during the course of the trend.
  • Main Trend indicator allows you to ride your winners, and then know when to sell.
  • Position Size Calculator indicator determines the percentage of capital to invest and number of share to buy.

Entry Indicator | Know Where To Place Your Initial Stop Every Time

A key to successful trading is utilizing a consistent approach to determine your initial stop and position size.  The Entry Indicator removes all guesswork from the equation and allows you to be prepared when the time is right to buy.  It's dynamic in nature making it unique to each investment vehicle because the indicator is not a fixed percentage based on your entry price.  The Entry Indicator creates a more appropriate initial stop value based on the investment's price action.

Alerts Indicator | See Key Points During The Trend

The Alerts Indicator looks to highlight areas of importance during a trend.  Become aware when the trend could be ready to plateau for a while or when a top could be forming.  The alert markers can be used to tighten your trailing stop, remove a portion of the trade, or be used as an indication to remove the position entirely.    

Main Trend Indicator | Ride Your Winners Longer

The Main Trend Indicator lets you see your trailing stop as the the trend progresses.  By utilizing the indicator, you will have a definitive point to know where to execute your sell and lock in your profits.  Also, you have the ability to adjust the indicator value based on your trading time frame and objective.   

Complete System View | A Combination Of Tools To Help Keep Your Trading On Track

Know your initial stop, determine your position size, be alert, and ride your trends with .  It's easy to understand and implement into your trading routine to create greater consistency and hopefully larger profits. 

Position Size Indicators | Instantly Know What Percentage And How Many Shares To Buy

The Position Size Indicators use the Entry Indicator to determine the percentage of your capital to use on every trade and will determine the number of shares to buy instantly.  You can customize your risk level per trade and also use a custom stop value instead of the Entry Indicator value.  Input your account value and the indicator will tell you exactly how many shares you can buy based on your initial stop value and risk percentage per trade.

 Trade Anatomy Custom Position Sizing Calculator

Customize Your Trading Parameters

  • Calculate the number of shares based on your portfolio value

  • Set your risk per trade

  • Automatically use the Entry Indicator for your initial stop or place the stop at a custom value

  • Cap the max percentage of your portfolio value for any one trade

  • Saves time and gives you a quick snapshot of the potential trade


Want to see how TA indicators can help make you a better trader?

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